About Us

the journey.

Starting back 13 years ago, the founder of the company; Yosuke Shimizu and his wife Lina shimizu – now CEO and owner - with only 3 employee managed 3 villas from a small office room. Today, Nagisa Bali Group has evolved and oversee four small growing sister companies; Nagisa bali Wedding, Nagisa Bali Maintenance, Travel and Trip and NB Transport & Activities.

the logo.

We launch our new company group logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future. Basically, the logo symbolizes the unity of our sister companies and divisions.
The new design of the circle shape is meant for a unity, solidarity, a sphere which becomes borderless to create the impression of a whirling cycle that denotes ongoing dynamism. The colorful circle inside represents all of us in a team who never stop believing, thinking and acting creative all for the best of future altogether.
Proud as we are of our rich history and deep family roots, we retain the logo’s core elements, the yin and yang, the balance we put in our efforts at work with sincere heart and strong value.
May this be a beautiful new beginning to refresh our minds and challenge our creativity to its limit.

our vision.

to be the best
villa management
in bali


Our Message

Nagisa Bali Property Management is a well-known company based in the beautiful island of Bali. Since established in 2006, we have been developing a high standard of property management. PT. NAGISA BALI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (NBPM) offers the highest quality property management services to ensure great return on your valuable investment, with reasonable management services rate. With all the excellent and professional services that our Company offer, you can be sure that you and your property are secure and in good hands with us. NBPM will deliver the best of services for you. To improve client satisfaction, I announced that our underlying approach would be to put clients at the heart of everything we do. To improve employee satisfaction, we changed our corporate culture to an open one by bringing down the walls between divisions and creating a workplace where everyone can feel excited about their job. We have kept refreshing our organization by promoting younger managers and have proactively rotated people between divisions. In addition, we are conducting regular employee surveys that target our entire population in order to gauge the current understanding of the firm. We have also focused on promoting a risk culture by having all employees understand and follow the firm’s stance towards risk.

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All for One


Makes the dream works


Love, respect, and trust


Innovation for the future

Our Team

Lina Shimizu

CEO PT. Nagisa Bali

Rachmah Pontoh

General Manager

Putu Wahyuni

Personal Asst. (Admin)

M. Baharudin

Human Capital Manager

Nanik Listriani

Asst. Financial Controller

Rusia Esterlina

Corporate Sales Manager

Thrisna Metta

Chief Accounting


Creative & Wedding Manager


Digital Com. Manager

Agus Suintan

Web & Design Graphic


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